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Terms of service of Conversation Concept, Mag. Angelika Höfle

Terms and conditions: conversation and language training

The terms and conditions stated apply to in-company training, as well as to private conversation & language training in individual and group courses.

On request, Mag. Angelika Höfle will provide you with a non-binding offer, which will be valid for two months; however, no longer than until the end of a calendar year. After your order has been received in written form Mag. Angelika Höfle will organize the training according to the prior agreement of Mag. Angelika Höfle.

Mag. Angelika Höfle reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the program and changes to the General Terms and Conditions.

If you are unable to attend scheduled classes due to unforeseen circumstances and are forced to postpone them, you can do so free of charge up to 24 hours beforehand. If this is done later, these units will have to be invoiced. You will be informed about this before your first class.

The conversation or language training must be consumed within 12 months, otherwise the entitlement to the service will be forfeited without claiming the reimbursement of the costs.

One training unit is 50 minutes, unless stated otherwise.

The amount due shall be invoiced to the customer prior to the start of the service, unless agreed otherwise.

Applicable terms of payment: within 7 days from receipt, without deductions to the following bank account: IBAN: AT03 2081 5000 4157 7677

Issued to Mag. Angelika Höfle

Disclaimer: Mag. Angelika Höfle is liable for Conversation Concept and everything related to it, in any case only with gross negligence and intent. In the event of slight negligence, the liability only applies in case of violation of contractual obligations.

Satisfied clients are my goal. However, if something should not meet your requirements, please contact Mag. Angelika Höfle immediately in order to quickly find a solution for you and to adapt the service even more to your needs.

Mag. Angelika Höfle, June 2017