Conversation Classes

Conversation training = Conversation Classes

Conversation Concept offers individual and flexible conversation and language training which is tailored to your needs.

In the Conversation Classes we focus on conversation and talking. You are given the opportunity to practice the language: your pronunciation and the ability to communicate and having good conversations are encouraged and trained. All theoretical knowledge, such as grammar, national and cultural knowledge, you will receive in the course of the Conversation Classes, of course. tailored to your needs.

The Conversation Classes offer the perfect solution for companies that want to invest in their employees, as well as for individuals who want to broaden, improve and/or perfect their communication skills in the foreign language and who find themselves in the following:

  • “I have learned English or German at school and I am getting by…but when it really matters I feel insecure and cannot find the right words. And if I do, I am not sure how to pronounce them properly.”
  • “I actually understand a lot but when I have to talk I am getting nervous and I cannot think of the simplest things.”
  • “When I am in a small talk situation with international business partners, clients or colleagues, I am trying to behave calmly since I have to prepare the simplest sentences in advance in order not to sound stupid.”
  • “I really have trouble getting across what I want to say.”
  • “I’d rather not attend business meals where they only speak English.”
  • “I am not as convincing as I should be.”

But shouldn’t business meetings with international business partners or colleagues, sales presentations or conversations with a student friend be managed confidently, convincingly and easily, when using the second or a foreign language?
Nowadays, only “good” foreign language skills are not sufficient anymore. A confident, as well as a convincing use of language are essential. When it really matters, the simplest vocabulary vanishes and a slight panic comes up – confident and convincing conversation definitely looks different and does feel better.

Conversation Concept supports you individually, flexibly, motivating and professionally:

By means of especially tailored Conversation Classes, which you can attend alone or in pairs, you will benefit from:

  • reinforced practical knowledge – when it really matters, you have to be able to speak confidently in order to be able to convince the people you are talking to
  • professional conversation training – you will be provided with knowledge about grammar, culture, varieties of learning, as well as materials and useful phrases
  • correct pronunciation & having a good feeling when talking
  • the opportunity of being allowed to make mistakes & and having them corrected and getting things right in the future
  • flexible and effective learning & practicing – way off sterile, impersonal classrooms, without others listening or taking care of others who are learning at a different pace. That could be in your office, in a café or at lunchtime, via Skype, if you are on a business trip or outdoors (i.e. going for a walk, running, etc.)
  • appearing professional & confident – you will manage important meetings and presentations

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