Conversation Classes Plus = Intense training

For all of those, who only have a rather short time frame – for business or private use – to talk confidently and convincingly, Conversation Concept offers intense support: Conversation Classes Plus.

Special Trainings

Conversation Classes PLUS

  • Daily Conversation Classes and/or weekend classes in a previously defined period
  • Support out of class by means of various media

Those Intense units can also be booked by business companies as day-long or weekly classes with special focusses in a selected seminar location.

For the configuration of your personal Conversation Class Plus, please, contact Conversation Concept. Together we will determine your current situation as well as your goals and will create your individual training concept.

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Conventional language training

Conventional language training in the form of group training.

What does that mean?


For businesses:

Conversation Concept offers language training that is tailored to the specific field and the activities of the employees in your company. For your individual package, please, contact Conversation Concept to set goals, duration, etc. in a personal meeting.

For private people:

Conversation Concept offers conventional language training for small groups from 3-7 people.

You have a small group of people who are interested in languages and who want to learn useful phrases and important vocabulary for their holidays or certain everyday situations but you are missing a language trainer?

Conversation Concept is happy to help you here and supports you with individual language training for your group in your preferred location. Please contact Conversation Concept to get more detailed information and to configure your group training.

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Topic-related classes

Conversation Concept offers classes dealing with special topics. Those classes will take place in a pleasant environment, in order to enjoy learning or brushing up the language.

English & Schilcher                                                     

Since most of us have to spend their time inside, the motto is: Let’s go outside!

In the picturesque vineyards of Western Styria we meet for an English workshop followed by a Brettljaus’n & wine tasting at the neat Kleindienst wine estate in Gundersdorf near Stainz.

wineyard - sepcial trainings

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My summer holiday – mei, samma håld…wååås?

For those whose vacation vocabulary is a bit confused and perhaps even prevents you from traveling abroad, Conversation Concept offers the right workshop. So you will have everything you need – at least when it comes to language.

camper - special trainings

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I am looking forward to your registration at angelika@conversation-concept.com

Presentation training

presentation training

You often need to give presentations or people focus on you in meetings? What you are saying has to be professional, correct and compelling because all eyes are on you?

This is not for everyone and especially in a foreign language there is increased pressure.

In order to meet what is required, Conversation Concept supports you with pronunciation training and helps you prepare your presentation. That way you will successfully manage presentations and meetings with ease. And it will be much easier for you to speak in front of others.

The content is strictly confidential.

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